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The Exile had a massive impact on virtually every aspect of Israelite life

By Rafael Jácome
Fonte: Cronologia Life

Exile: 586–538 B.C. 

Unlike the experience of the northern kingdom of Israel, the Judeans were, for the most part, allowed to maintain their cultural and religious distinctiveness even in exile, and no large-scale effort was made to repopulate the land of Judah with foreigners. It was
during the Exile that the people of Judah first came to be referred to as Jews (from the term Judeans). This time of exile had a massive
impact on virtually every aspect of Israelite life. Only the poor were left in Judah, and the ritual sacrificial system had essentially ceased. At the same time, many of those taken into exile became somewhat prosperous and even occupied positions of significant political power in the governments of their captors. Daniel and his friends
were groomed to be part of the royal court, and Daniel was a close adviser to several Babylonian and Persian rulers.

The Babylonian empire were the ones who conquered Judah and took them off into exile, but the Babylonians soon faced a military threat themselves. The mighty Persian empire from the north was growing, and they eventually conquered Babylon and nearly everything else in the known world at the time. Persia had a different stance towards conquered peoples than Babylon had,
which led to the end of this period of exile for the Jews.

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